4 MF_2012


Location for the sound piece “Hidingplaces” in Øregårdsparken.

English translation below:


He lowered his head and crawled under the table. After a while his neck started hurting and he was forced to lie on one side. He lay perfectly still and fell asleep.

She crawled under the bed. From there she could see feet walking past and then stopping. When the sound of footsteps disappeared from the room, she moved closer to the wall, feeling out of breath.

She squeezed herself in between the sofa and the desk. She had to lower her head and pull her feet back so as not to be seem. It felt very uncomfortable and after a while she started to panic.

She sneaked behind the kitchen door, closing it so that it would be more difficult to be seen. Time and again she heard someone go past without noticing her. Her pulse beat more rapidly whenever there was someone moving around in the room.

He hid himself behind the curtain in the hall. His feet stuck out and he tried making himself as flat as possible so as not to be noticed. He held his breath but in the end he sighed deeply and hoped this would reveal his presence.

She opened the cupboard door and crept in amongst the clothes, closing the door behind her. It was reopened several times without her being discovered. As the footsteps disappeared out of the room, she dreaded the thought of having to remain there for very much longer.