Is it a Plane?

MF_5 2014

”The Lighthouse”, drawings and texts on table, 2014.

”The Lighthouse”:

What she remembers most from her time on the island was when she bicycled down to the lighthouse. The dirt road that leads there is surrounded by fields, and she also remembers an impressive walnut tree that was growing in the courtyard of an old farm long the way. When she reached the lighthouse she never stayed there for long. But one warm day in August she took off her clothes and went bathing. One comes to the island by a ferry and when one gets off in the wintertime it is like walking into the darkness. When she thought of rainy, windy winter evenings it occurred to her that she had never seen the lighthouse at night. She also knew that she never would but she liked imagining it.

Quote from W. G. Sebald, ”Austerlitz”:

”On that summer night, said Austerlitz, we sat high above the estuary of the Mawddach in our hollow in the hills until daybreak, watching the moths fly to us, perhaps some ten thousands of them by Alphonso’s estimate. The trails of light which they seemed to leave behind them in all kinds of curlicues and streamers and spirals, and which Gerald in particular admired, did not really exist, explained Alphonso, but were merely phantom traces created by the sluggish reaction of the human eye, appearing to see a certain afterglow in the place from which the insect itself, shining for only the fraction of a second in the lamplight, had already gone.”