Careless Nature

Careless Nature, Møstings hus, Copenhagen 2019.

The exhibition Careless Nature uses as a point of departure two lots, left without interference for a long period of time, and thus overgrown: the Beauvais lot on Østerbro, Copenhagen and the Ellstorp lot in Malmö.
These small pockets in the cities have developed organically outside planning, without interference from elsewhere. With their varied and wild-growing vegetation these places functions as a kind of autonomous havens in the middle of the city.
A significant part of Maria Finn’s solo exhibition at Møstings hus is the film Forgetful Nature, that documents these places. The film opens with a quote from a utopia: News from Nowhere by William Morris (1890). Morris’ vision is a socialistic utopia where people have taken a stand against industrialization and private ownership. Morris describes another London, where the large buildings are in decay, and forests and fruit-plantations have taken over large areas.