Pist Protta # 91

Periskop # 24

Periskop # 24, Materials and Nothingness, 2020.

Writingplace # 4

Writingplace # 4, Undefined Terrain, naiOIOpublishers, 2020.

Careless Nature

Careless Nature, Artist Book, Space Poetry, 2019. Buy it here:

Tower to Tower – Gigantism in Architecture and Digital Culture

Det største i det mindste, det mindste i det største

Skimrende kalk, catalogue text for Rikke Ravn Sørensen’s public work Det største i det mindste, det mindste i det største, Ballerup Psykiatriske Center, 2018.

Architecture and Control

The Ellstorp Lot –an Undefined Urban Landscape; Maria Finn,  published in Architecture and Control, ed. Henriette Steiner, Annie Ring, Kristin Weel, Brill-Rodopi, Leiden, 2017.

Pist Protta # 80

Kritik # 208

Maja Ekelöf: Rapport fra en gulvspand Kritik # 208, 2013.

Artists as Researchers

“Artists as Researchers – A New Paradigm for Art Education in Europe”, ed. Mika Hannula, Jan Kaila, Roger Palmer & Kimmo Sarje, Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, Helsinki, 2013.

Images Between the Word and the Film

Ph.d thesis “Images Between the Word and the Film”, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2010.

The Cinematic Experience

“The Cinematic Experience”, ed. Alice Autelitano, Campanotto Editore, Paisan di Prato, 2010.

The Making of Technically Sweet

Catalogue for Technically Sweet, contributing artists: Elisabeth Subrin, Elsebeth Jørgensen, Frans Jacobi, Fredrik Jacobi, John Brattin, Lars Mathisen, Laura Parnes, Maria Finn, Mark Orange, Michel Auder, Michael Stickrod, Pia Rönicke, Ulrik Heltoft, Yvette Brackman.


SUM # 1

Scenes of Absence,
published in SUM # 1, ed. Malene Vest Hansen, Billedkunstskolernes Forlag, Copenhagen, 2007.