Grid – landscape pattern

Kivik Art Centre 5.5.2020

In Kivik Art Centre’s unique environment, visual artist Maria Finn and landscape architect Jacob Kamp established the work Grid in a wheat field, in the summer 2020. Grid had previously been established in Amorparken in central Copenhagen in 2019, where a grid pattern was transferred on the lawns. In the squares, the grass was allowed to grow high while the passages were cut so that visitors could move through the work and thus get a different experience of the park. The work Grid was reestablished at Kivik Art Centre, where the part of the wheat field that leads to Snöhetta’s sculpture Viewfinder was cut in the same geometric pattern. The corridors made it possible for the visitor to move through the field to reach to Viewfinder, which made the landscape accessible in a completely new way. By moving through the wheat field the visitor experienced it up close, and not from a distance, offering an intimate experience of fields we usually only pass by.